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GoodMan Bautz 485-9001 - If you are in the market for a 20,000 square foot home in the St. Louis area, apparently a large number of them are about to hit the market.

Moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles could be costly chore for the Rams' players ocregister.com

It was 1995, only months before the Browns would leave Cleveland for Baltimore to become the Ravens, when Matt Stover decided it was finally time to put down roots in Ohio. This turned out to be very unfortunate timing.

2 weeks ago

GoodMan Bautz 485-9001 - A very good year for real estate!!!!! Let's make 2016 even better- Cheers!

3 weeks ago

GoodMan Bautz 485-9001 - This sums it up, assuming no major changes in interest rates or overall conditions.

2016 Predictions for Housing & Real Estate

1 month ago

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